360in360 Immersive Experiences Expert Adviser Team
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Our team of global thought leaders connect both physically and virtually

360in360 Expert Adviser Team

360in360 Immersive Experiences is building a global network of leading authorities in the key application areas we seek to provide the best combination of immersive technologies, storytelling and gamification.

The expert adviser team includes :-

Martyn Ware (UK) - global authority on spatial sound and music

Steve Thompson (UK) - gifted storyteller, musician and social entrepreneur

Claire Williams (UK) - professional stenographer and transcriber

Kevin Williams (UK) - Former Disney Imagineer and global authority on out of home entertainment technologies

John Andrews (UK) - global authority on consumer commerce trends and technologies

Eliane Alhadeff (Brazil) - global authority on serious games applications

Lucia Pannese (Italy) - European Founder of Imaginary, a leading provider of games based learning experiences

Songsri Soronastaporn (Thailand) - Organiser of the Thaisim annual games based learning conferences

John Welsh (Australia) - Serious games authority and practitioner

Ivan Boo (Singapore) - Founder of the Serious Games Association is Asia

Vinod Dumblekar (India) - Games based learning authority

Contact us by email at info@360in360ix.co.uk